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LANDMARK MANAGEMENT - Bucharest is the owner and administrator of the industrial park “Campulung Industrial Park”, located on the former ARO Platform, consisting of 52 hectares of land, out of which about 100,000 square meters built area, located in Campulung Muscel town industrial area, Arges county, in the vicinity of DN 73 (Pitesti - Brasov) and E 574.

Campulung industrial Park comprises a complex of industrial spaces for the non-polluting industry, office spaces, warehouses as well as the utilities and services necessary to carry out any activities within the Industrial Park. For those who are interested, Campulung Industrial Park can provide land for special constructions with varied surfaces and access to existing infrastructure.

General presentation

The Industrial Park is delimited by Magura Hill, Traian Street and other private properties. It has an area of 52 hectares, with about 100,000 square meters of industrial production and warehouse spaces. Campulung Industrial Park benefits from an internal road network of approximately 10 km length, 6 access roads from the main street as well as utilities necessary for the production and services of running water, sewage, gas, electricity and management services provided to the park tenants.

Campulung Industrial Park consists of a complex of industrial spaces, for the non-polluting industry, office space, warehouses and utilities needed to carry out industrial, logistics and service activities.


The rental opportunities within the Industrial Park are varied, namely:
• Rental of existing industrial premises, renovation costs being borne by the tenants extremely advantageous monthly rents and the corresponding 0 renting periods 
• The renting of existing industrial premises, the renovation costs being borne by the owner according to the technical specifications of the tenants, at reasonable monthly rents as a result of the negotiations between the parties.
• Construction of new industrial halls, according to the technical specifications of the tenants.
• Rental of land with access to utilities, for industrial or warehouse construction, over long periods of time.
• Sale of existing industrial land and/or buildings with access to the internal road network utilities and management services.

The administrative building has an area of approximately 3500 square meters, being arranged on four levels, each of which can provide office areas, conference, protocol, training rooms etc. The Industrial Park has its own network of roads, specially arranged parking spaces for each industrial renting space and it has the possibility to supply all the constructions with utilities necessary for carrying out the production and service activities.